Star-Studded Rumors


Sound familiar? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a rumor as “information or a story that is passed from person to person but has not been proven to be true.” Rumors go by a lot of names these days: gossip, buzz, drama, etc. Rumor can get really ugly, can’t they? Especially when the rumors are about you! Ever been at the center of one? It’s not pretty. Trust me, I know. Sometimes your own friends will believe them and they’ll act or talk to you in ways that can surprise you. You know, God doesn’t like rumors. But do you know why He doesn’t? Because the first rumors ever were started in heaven, and they were about Him! Did you know that? Today, we’re going to see how someone very close to God started rumors about him and what happened because of them.

Bible prophecies are filled with symbols that represent different things, places, and people. Today’s lesson is about God and His angels. In Bible prophecy, angels are often symbolized as stars. Read the verses below and the verses throughout the story to see it for yourself!

  • Prophecy Key: stars = angels.
    • Read Job 38:4, 7.
    • Read Rev. 1:20.

A long time ago in the universe far, far away, there was a kingdom that was ruled by the government of God and was filled with stars. These stars served the Lord, ministering to His needs and needs of the entire universe (Heb. 1:14). God put Lucifer in charge over these ministering stars. Now Lucifer was very beautiful, very wise, very well-dressed, and very talented (Ezek. 28:12-15). He was very close to God, so much so that he covered God Himself with his wings. Lucifer’s job was to communicate God’s will to the stars and the stars would carry it out.

But Lucifer, for some reason, started to care more about himself than God. He found himself admiring his own beauty and brightness and he eventually thought he deserved to reign over the universe like God was doing (Isa. 14:12-14)! He didn’t go ask God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit about this idea. He thought, for some reason, he needed to get support from the other angels. He figured that they would never support him unless they thought that something was wrong with the way things were going now. So the only way he felt he could do that was by starting some drama in heaven! So he spread rumors that made God look bad and made him look good (Jn. 8:44). Before things got worse, God talked to Lucifer about his rumors. But Lucifer didn’t listen to Him. He eventually got enough angels to believe the rumors he spread and they confronted God about these rumors. God didn’t want His angels to be a part of Lucifer’s rebellion against Him, so He told them everything about Lucifer’s plans and how bad they were for heaven. Most of the angels believed God and even some of the angels who rebelled listened to what He said. But the rest of the angels believed Lucifer and even tried to take over heaven (Rev. 12:4, 7-9)! God and His angels stopped their terrible plan and make them leave heaven before they did this. These angels who were cast out heaven are now called demons. Because he rebelled against God in heaven, Lucifer was now called Satan, the enemy of God.

Thought Questions

  • Why did Lucifer want to be “like the Most High”? Did he want it for God’s glory or his own? What can we learn from this about the dangers of caring more about what we want than what God wants?
  • There’s a pattern throughout biblical history that you can see in every biblical story about rebellion against God.
    • God’s people start off good (GS), but they eventually rebel (ER). God gives them a faithful warning (FW) by telling them the truth about what they’re doing and what the result will be. The people then choose to repent (REP) of their wrongs or keep on rebelling against God (REB).
      • Can you find this pattern in the story?
  • Bible prophecy tells us that a third of the angels in heaven sided with Lucifer (Rev. 12:4). One-third of the angels in heaven fought against God because they listened to Lucifer’s rumors! What should this teach us about the evil that can come from rumors?

Is spreading rumors something you’re struggling to stop doing? Don’t wait for the drama to stop before you decide to.  Ask God to help you stop spreading rumors. Ask Him to get you away from the places and persons who gossip to you. He’ll definitely help you do that. He saw firsthand how these things hurt His loved ones and He’ll definitely get you away from it.

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