Lies About God!


This lesson is based on the following verses:  Isa. 14:12-14; Ezek. 28:12-17; Jn. 8:44; Heb. 1:2; 11:3; Rev. 12:4, 7-9.

Have you ever told a lie? Has someone ever told a lie about you? Lies hurt you and the people around you. Believe it or not, someone very close to God told lies about Him!

A long time ago, in the universe far, far away, God and his angels lived in a place called Heaven. In Heaven, there is a kingdom where God rules over the entire universe. The servants of His kingdom are called angels. The angels love to serve God. They were very happy serving Him and taking care of everyone in the universe.

In the kingdom of Heaven, there was an angel in charge over the other angels. His name was Lucifer. He was very handsome and wise and the angels loved Lucifer very much. He had a really important job and a very special place in heaven. It was his job to tell the other angels what God wanted them to do. When God sat on His throne, Lucifer would use his wings to cover God! Lucifer loved God and loved being really close to Him.

But Lucifer started to become proud. He loved how handsome and how wise he was. He loved how he was dressed in the finest robes and how well he could sing. He was forgetting that it was God who gave him these gifts. As he looked at the other angels bow down to God and serve Him, Lucifer began to want the angels to treat him like they treated God. These kinds of feelings never came into any angel before. Even Lucifer didn’t understand them, but he kept thinking about them.

Soon, because of these kinds of feelings, Lucifer began to grow jealous of God. He looked at how close God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit were and how they ruled over the universe. He looked at how the angels worshipped him and he wanted the angels treat him like God. Lucifer may have thought to himself, “How come I’m not a ruler in heaven like them?” He thought that because he had all these gifts, he should be a ruler in heaven too. So Lucifer decided that he was going to be a ruler in heaven like God was. Lucifer didn’t want to be as loving and as kind as God. He just wanted to have the power of God and he wanted everyone to worship him like they worshipped God.

Lucifer decided that he would need the other angels to help him be like God, but he knew they would never help him if he told them the truth. So he lied to them. Lucifer told the other angels bad things about God that weren’t true so they would help him. No one had ever lied to the angels before, so a lot of the angels believed Lucifer. Things were starting to change in heaven because the angels believed the lies Lucifer was telling them.

Before things could get any worse, God talked to Lucifer privately. He told him that he knew about his lies and warned him of the bad things would happen if he kept lying to the angels. God loved Lucifer and the angels and He knew that the lies Lucifer was telling would hurt the other angels. But Lucifer didn’t listen to God. He chose to listen to his new feelings and He kept spreading lies about God for a long time.

One day, Lucifer and the angels who believed his lies went to God’s throne. The angels were upset at God because of the lies Lucifer told them and thought that the only way to fix things was for Lucifer to be a ruler in heaven. God knew that the angels didn’t mean to be upset with Him. He knew Lucifer told them a lot of lies about Him. So God told the angels the truth, about how Lucifer was lying about Him so they would help him be a ruler in heaven. He also showed them how He cared about them and the entire universe and how He took care of them all. After God told them the truth, most of the angels believed God. Many of the angels who sided with Lucifer apologized to God and He forgave them. But a large number of the angels did not believe God was telling them the truth. They believed Lucifer and the lies he told them. Those angels had to leave heaven. If they stayed, they would lie to the other angels into believing Lucifer and not God. But Lucifer and his angels refused to leave heaven! They wanted to take over heaven and put Lucifer in charge of it. So God and His angels had to make Lucifer and his angels leave. Making their friends leave heaven really hurt God and his angels. They were sad that Lucifer and his angels would not believe God and they missed them terribly after they were gone.

But Lucifer and his angels hated God and the other angels for this. Ever since that day, they have been fighting against God and the universe. Now these angels, the angels who hate God, are called demons. Lucifer had a new name, too. Lucifer would now be called Satan and he would be God’s enemy. He would spend the rest of his life fighting against God and spreading lies about Him.

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