Epic Star Wars, Episode II: The Rise of Paradise

Read Genesis 2 before you listen to this episode.

Because they’re real, because they involve the entire universe and not just a galaxy far, far away and because they’re almost over, these Star Wars are epic! Welcome to another exciting episode of Epic Star Wars! This week’s episode…

Episode II: The Rise of Paradise

A long time ago, in the universe far, far away, war broke out in the kingdom of heaven. God and His creation just entered the Epic Star Wars. If you look at the aftermath of wars throughout human history, and the people affected by the armed conflicts that are happening right now, you can get a slight glimpse of the atmosphere in heaven after the first battle between good and evil. The phantom menace, sin, had just claimed a third of the angels and they were just cast out of heaven forever, by their own friends. The pain of it must have been unbearable. Imagine what they are going through now, fighting against their former friends. No one can ever say that heaven does not know the pain of sin, the phantom menace that led their friends to fight against God. Before we begin today’s episode, let us pray…

Lord, please help us understand what Your paradise truly was. Only by understanding what You intended for us to have can we get ready to have it once again. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Sometime after the beginning of the Epic Star Wars, the Lord created a new world. This world would be different from the worlds created before it and we’re about to see why. All three members of the Godhead, through their divine power, created an environment suitable for life in the first four days! (Gen. 1:1, 2; Jn. 1:1-3) Day and night in the first day, the sky on the second, the earth, seas, and vegetation on the third, and the sun, moon, and stars in space on the fourth. There were no so-called “natural disasters” in this place. No thorns or thistles on plants. There were not even oceans that separated man from each other. There were no deserts. There were no “rough places.” Can you imagine the fruit of this place? Even the most organic food we have today cannot compare to the food of this time. One fruit from this paradise had more nutrients and better taste than all of the world’s fruit today. That’s how pure this food was back then.
On the last three days of creation, God created all the inhabitants of the earth and the sign for us to remember that He had made everything. God created the creatures of the sea and the skies on the fifth day and the creatures of the earth on the sixth. He also created the beings who would have dominion over this paradise, as well. These beings stood out amongst God’s Creation and even the Universe, for God had made them in His own image. Have you ever wondered what man was like in those days? According to the Guinness World Records, Robert Pershing Wadlow, in relatively recently history, was the world’s tallest man at 8 feet, 11 inches. Believe it or not, humans were once taller than this. They had stronger bodies and stronger senses. With what little we can experience with our senses now, imagine what Adam and Eve gleaned from using these senses in their full strength back then! Their brains were much more capable than the ones we have today. Just imagine how strong their immune systems were! None of the countless diseases we have to deal with today would be a match for them! Amazingly, they were not even designed to die. Death is the complete opposite of God’s nature, in whom is life eternal.

Tallest Man Ever

Look even closer at the Edenic pair. The only thing mentioned in Creation as “not good” was Adam being alone on the Earth. God made for Adam “an help meet for him.” Not a ruler over him, not a subordinate under him, but “an help meet for him.” Adam understood the nature of this relationship and he took it seriously. No wonder he said of this new union, “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh.” No wonder he called her Woman and took her unto Himself. He held her as close to his side as his rib once was. Look also at what God gave them in the seventh day. He added, blessed, and sanctified an entire day for them in the week so they would grow closer to Him. This was intended to be a day in which no work or duty would impede them from spending quality time together.

A perfectly created environment with perfectly created animals and perfectly created beings to have dominion over it, all created by a perfect God who lived in perfect harmony with them. And everything and everyone on this planet ministered to something else! This was paradise, a paradise far more peaceful than the fictional Alderaan. No wonder the angels of God sang and shouted for joy when He created this place! (Job 38:7)
But someone afar off was watching, elsewhere, elusive. He saw this paradise and he determined to have it for himself. So he devised a plan to claim this paradise and its inhabitants… Who was this watcher? Would he succeed? Find out in the next episode of Epic Star Wars!

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