The Masterpiece


This lesson is based on Genesis 1 & 2 and Jn. 1:1-3.

Ever created something you would call a masterpiece? Those who make them put all their energy and talent into creating an expression of what they’re passionate about. Teenagers have created some of the most groundbreaking masterpieces we have today. Louis Braille was 15 and blind when he developed his namesake code. He was determined to help blind people read as easily as those who could see. Now his code is used all around the world by the blind today.

Claudette Colvin was 15 when she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus nine months before Rosa Parks was arrested for it. She was determined to defend her constitutional rights and eventually became one of four women plaintiffs who defeated the law segregating the Montgomery bus system. Fast forward to today and you can find teens like Jack Andraka. He was only 15 when he built a sensor that could effectively detect the markers for pancreatic cancer a few years ago. His inspiration? Losing a close family friend to pancreatic cancer.

Sometime after Satan and His angels were cast out of heaven, God created a true masterpiece, the Earth and its inhabitants. He, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit put all their divine power into creating it and putting everything in its place. When you look at how God created the world, you can see what He was really passionate about.

The first things God created were the means by which we would divide the days in the week (Gen. 1:3-5). He then made an environment suitable for birds to fly, and sufficient to provide us air and protect us from overexposure to solar radiation (Gen. 1:6-8). On the third day, God created the perfect ecosystem for all the creatures who would dwell on, and in, the Earth (Gen.1:9-13). He later created the celestial means for us to measure time, to enjoy seasonal weather, and to see during the day and the night (Gen. 1:14-19). The creatures of the sea and the sky were made on the same day, every kind that ever existed (Gen. 1:20-23). The remaining inhabitants created on the sixth day (land animals, creeping life, and man) tell us that God intended for every nook and cranny of the Earth to be populated (Gen. 1:24-28, 31; 2:7, 21-24). The Sabbath of the Earth was created on the seventh day of the week (Gen. 2:1-3). We’re going to see why this day is important for us shortly.

When you really look at the Earth and the life on it, you can see that it is a masterpiece in so many ways! Every flower, every reef, every specific feature of every creature on it, and every celestial body around it tells us that only God could have created a place like this. Even more awe-inspiring is that every single living and nonliving thing God created was created from their atomic and molecular levels. When this amazing, multi-layered masterpiece came together, it was “very good”, according to God. (Gen. 1:31) The creation of Earth and everything on it tells us God is passionate about life!

The creation of this masterpiece also reveals to us the Lord’s plan for mankind. How it met our every need and want shows us that God wants us to be happy. We can see this when we look into the order of how God made the Earth.

  • God created no part of the environment or any inhabitant that would pollute or damage the Earth. He meant for His created beings to live in harmony with the Earth and to take care of it.
  • God created the inhabitants of the earth only when the environment was ready. He made no plans for any inhabitant of Earth to struggle to survive while He was creating it.
  • God didn’t intend for any of the inhabitants of the Earth to be alone. That’s why He created them all at one time in their respective environments, on their respective days.
  • Humans, made in God’s image, would feel loneliness the most. This is one of the main reasons why God made every other earthly inhabitant before them. He made sure that humans would not be alone on the Earth. This is what we see in Adam’s time as the only human on the planet. God knew He was going to make Eve, but we needed to see that God never thought it good for us to be alone.
  • God not only intended the inhabitants of the earth to enjoy His paradise, but to fill it with life! To that end, God created the inhabitants of this planet male and female. It was the way He designed this to be done!
  • Even though everything was created in six days, God added the seventh day specifically for us. He blessed and hallowed this day not only for our physical and mental benefit (rest), but for our spiritual benefit as well. It is a time for us to enjoy quality time with our Creator, a time where nothing comes between us and Him. It’s also like the signature of an artist on a renowned painting. By it, we will always remember Who created the masterpiece called Earth and His authority over it.

Now I can’t tell you everything that went into His plan, but you can see a lot from what little we revealed. Every need was provided for, every want was satisfied, and our greatest desire, to dwell with God forever, was supplied. This was, is, and always will be God’s plan, His masterpiece.

Thought Questions

  • How much effort do you put into what you’re passionate about? Considering how much God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit put into creating the Earth and us, how passionate do you think He wants us to be happy?
  • How can looking into God’s masterpiece and His plan for us help us when we’re depressed?

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