Satan In Disguise!


This lesson is based on Gen. 2:15 and Gen. 3. Make sure you read it before you read this lesson!

People use disguises like this one to hide who they really are from others. Have you ever used a disguise before? Did you know that Satan used a disguise to get Eve to disobey God?

God loved Adam and Eve and He thought the home He made for them was “very good.” Adam and Eve loved God and their home, especially the garden He made just for them! But guess who didn’t love God, Adam, or Eve? Satan!

Now God put a special tree in His garden, the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He told Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit of this tree. But Satan knew if he could get Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of this tree, he could take them from God and take their beautiful home for himself. So he came up with an evil plan and he needed a disguise to do it.

Satan found the most beautiful creature in God’s garden, a serpent. He knew that serpents were the most beautiful creatures in God’s home, so Satan used the serpent as a disguise to lure Eve into coming to the forbidden tree. And Eve came! She thought the serpent was so beautiful, she came close to the forbidden tree to look at it.

Then the serpent started talking to her! But can snakes really talk? Of course not! It was Satan who was talking to Eve in his serpent disguise. He tricked Eve into eating the fruit from the tree. After Eve ate some of the fruit, she gave some to Adam and he ate it too! Satan’s evil plan had worked!

When God came in the garden, Adam and Eve hid from Him. They knew that they had disobeyed God and they were ashamed of it.  God told them about the things that would happen to them and their home because they listened to Satan and ate the fruit.

But God promised Adam and Eve that He would keep them from Satan. He loved them so much that He was going to do everything He could to keep them from him. What did He do?  We’ll find out how God kept them from Satan in our next lessons!


  1. What did God tell Adam and Eve not to do with the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil?
  2. What disguise did Satan use to get Eve to come to the tree?
  3. How did Adam and Eve feel when they disobeyed God? That’s how we feel when we don’t listen to our parents! Why is listening to our parents important?

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