Epic Star Wars!

We’re almost halfway through our Epic Star Wars saga! They invested over $600 million in making theirs, but we’ve invested over 6, 000 years in living ours! They may be making more of theirs, but we’re about to be done with ours! They’re going to Episode IX, but we’ll be done by Episode VII! We’re about halfway through and almost done in more ways than one. Will you be ready when they do?

Did you know that you’ve been a part of the Epic Star Wars all along? Ever wonder why the world is the way it is now? Ever wonder when things will be right again? Join us as we learn about what’s been going on and the crucial role the angels (symbolized as stars in Bible prophecy) play in these Epic Star Wars!

This Star Wars Crawl was developed by Bruno Orlandi and Nihey Takizawa. Check out their website and get a crawl of your own!

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