Epic Star Wars: Episode IV: A Divine Hope

Because they’re real, because they involve the entire universe and not just a galaxy far, far away and because they’re almost over, these Star Wars are epic! Welcome to another exciting episode of Epic Star Wars! This week’s episode…

Episode IV: A Divine Hope

A long time ago in the universe, Adam and Eve were put in charge of the garden of Eden. But Satan had deceived them into disobeying the one commandment that would have kept them in His garden forever. Because they ate the forbidden fruit, Adam and Eve were driven out of the garden and the world was now marred by evil. But God did not leave them without hope. What hope did He give them? Let’s find out! But before we begin, let us pray.

Lord, please help those listening to this message understand the hope that you gave Adam and Eve when they were expelled from the garden of Eden. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Though they were cast out of the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were given a divine hope from the Lord. The hope that God gave them is the promise found in Gen. 3:15. Read this carefully. “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed: it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.” God’s promises of what He will do and what will happen are called prophecies and this prophecy is truly a message of hope. It is the longest prophecy of the Bible and every prophecy given since this time stands in the shadow of this one. Let’s study it piece by piece so we can understand the hope that God gave us.

“And I will put enmity between thee and the woman,…” According to the Strong’s Concordance*, enmity is hatred. God put hatred between man and Satan. The battle between good and evil on the Earth was foretold by this prophecy. But why did God put hatred between us? Why hatred? To protect humanity from joining the rebel alliance. As long as this hatred is here, good will hate evil and evil will hate good. If you read Genesis 6, you’ll see that the hatred between good and evil was almost gone. As a result, nearly all of humanity turned to the dark side in Noah’s time. If this barrier were not in place, no one would have been spared from the judgment of the Flood. We would have been destroyed by the phantom menace a long time ago!

“…and between thy seed and her seed,” There will be those of the woman’s seed that will side with the Lord in the Epic Star Wars. Mark the repentance of Adam and Eve. They didn’t want sin in their lives anymore. Not after what it cost them. So they resisted it all their lives. But when the Scriptures say “thy seed”, who is God talking to? It can’t be the serpent because God already punished it for its role in the fall of man. Moreover, it wasn’t the serpent who took the limited authority over the Earth Adam and Eve once held. God is talking to Satan, for it is written, “Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God…” (Ezek. 28:13). But angels, even fallen ones, cannot reproduce, so the seed the Lord mentions cannot refer to children of angels (Mk. 12:25). But Satan and his fallen angels can influence, tempt, and convince man to abandon the Lord as they did. When we give heed to temptation and sin, when we continue in it, we become the seed of Satan. This is how humans will join Satan’s rebel alliance and become his, just like the angels who sided with him became his.

“…it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel…” From the seed of the woman, Satan would be crushed. At the Lord’s judgment, Satan and his rebel alliance will be crushed with one swift stroke. Even though the rebel alliance would afflict man, it will one day be destroyed and humanity will once again be with God. Contrary to popular belief, once the rebellion against God has been dealt with, there will be no balance between good and evil. In fact, there will be no more evil! Only good will reign in God’s universe.

Now let’s look at this prophecy’s message in light of our analysis and we will see how God protects and will ultimately, deliver His people. Based on our analysis, God is telling Satan (and promising us):

“I will create a division between you and man, between those who serve you and those who serve Me. You will afflict my people, but they will overcome you.” In this one promise, God gave us and our world a divine hope. He not only promised that He would protect us from evil, He also promised that the rebellion would one day be dealt with. The day is coming soon when God’s people and His world will no longer live in the dark times of the Epic Star Wars.

But will God keep this promise? Let’s look at a major prophecy in the Bible to answer this question. Let’s see how God keeps the promises He makes. A major prophecy of the Scriptures is the promise that God made to Abraham, to give him and his descendants the land of Canaan (Gen. 12:1-3). Throughout the life of Abraham, God repeated this promise to him and to his descendants. You can see this for yourself in texts like Gen. 15:18-21, 26:1-5, and 28:12-15.

Now how did God keep this prophetic promise? What did He and His angels do to bring it to pass? The Scriptures tell us that they ministered to Abraham, his family and his descendants. They delivered Lot and his family from the judgment upon Sodom (Gen. 19). They ministered to Hagar and Ishmael (Gen. 16:7-13; 21:17-20). They helped the servant of Abraham find a suitable wife for Isaac (Gen. 24). They protected Jacob on his journey back to Canaan (Gen. 32:1, 2). God prophesied to them, as well. He gave them clear messages of things that would happen to prepare them before they happened. He made it clear to Abraham that his descendants would be enslaved for 400 years and that He would deliver them from their forced servitude (Gen. 15:13, 14). When the time of Israel’s deliverance came, God wrought a mighty deliverance for Abraham’s seed through His servant, Moses. His angels made the manna the Israelites ate when they wandered in the wilderness (Ps. 78:25). After their forty years of wandering, God led Israel into Canaan through His servant Joshua (See Exod. – Josh.). Through His and His angels’ ministry to Abraham and his seed, God kept His word to Abraham.

But Satan and his evil angels, however, worked desperately to stop this prophecy from being fulfilled. These demons used everyone and everything to try and stop God from keeping His promise. No one was off limits! They worked upon Abraham and his seed to make them doubt that God would provide for and protect them (Gen. 12:11-13; 20; Exod. 17:1-7). They moved upon entire nations like Egypt, Moab, and Midian to war against them and afflict them (Exod. 1:8-22; Num. 21:1, 21-35; 25). They even used their own relatives to struggle against them (Gen. 29-31; Num. 20:14-22)! But everything Satan could muster against Abraham and his seed could not stop God from keeping His word.

In the fulfillment of this one prophecy, we can get a glimpse of how the Epic Star Wars have been fought all this time. God’s angels have been protecting, helping, and saving His world and the people in it. Satan’s angels, however, have sought the harm, corruption, and the destruction of man and the Earth. Through enticing men to sin, Satan and his rebel alliance have been enlisting men and women to his cause for thousands of years. This is why our world is in the condition it is in right now. But Satan struggles against God in vain, for he knows that God will keep the promise He made to Adam and Eve, just as He did to Abraham and his seed. He knows who our only Hope is and that He will soon put an end to his rebellion. Who is our only hope? Find out in the next exciting episode of Epic Star Wars!

*A Strong’s Concordance lists out every word in the Bible in its original languages, Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic. It has been an invaluable guide in my studies. You can obtain a copy in your local bookstores or download it on your phone!

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