An Amazing Discovery!


Have you ever discovered something amazing before? How did you feel when you did? God’s people discovered something amazing a long time ago!

God promised us that He would protect us from Satan and His angels. But God also wanted His people to know how He was going to save them from Satan. So He sent them His prophets to give them special messages about His plan.

His prophets told them that God was going to send Someone to save them from Satan. This Person would be their Savior and He would do amazing things for them.

God sent a lot of prophets to give His people this special message. These special messages God gave them were written down in scrolls like these for His people to study.


And they studied them for hundreds of years! They wanted to know all they could about their Savior.

Many years later, God’s people discovered Who their Savior was!


Many people came to see Him in those days. They watched Him heal people who were sick. They listened to Him teach. They watched Him do many amazing things!

When God’s people saw Jesus doing these things, they remembered God’s special messages they studied in their scrolls about their Savior. They knew that they discovered the Savior God sent to save them. Their Savior’s name was Jesus Christ.

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