Discovering Jesus’ Mission


We learned in our lesson last week, “An Amazing Discovery!”, that God’s special messages helped His people discover who their Savior was. Today, we’re going to look at some of those messages that helped them figure it out.

For this activity, you will need your Bible. Look up each Bible verse to find the name God gave our Savior in each special message. Each name tells us something about what God sent Jesus to do for His people. If you do not have a Bible with you, you can click on the verse to read it.

  1. Gen. 49:10 –A __________________ who would tell God’s people what was right and what was wrong.
  1. Deut. 18:18 –A _________________who would give special messages to God’s people.
  2. Isa. 42:1 – Someone who would be a _________________ to everyone.
  3. Dan. 9:25–A _______________ someone who was given a special task by God Himself to do.
  1. Mal. 4:2 –God described Jesus as a ________________, someone who would heal the sick and the suffering.

Want to write your answers in? Click An Amazing Discovery-Activity to download a copy of it!

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