True Love in Action


Before you read today’s lesson, read this article about a teen who put it into practice.

Aitzaz Hasan: Tributes to Pakistan teenager killed when he stopped a bomber

This is what today’s lesson is all about. Because of Aitzaz’s selfless actions, hundreds of his friends were saved from being massacred. Teens like him, Zaevion Dobson, Mateus Moore, and Jordan Rice all could have escaped their tragic situations and lived. But because they loved the people they were saving, they willingly gave up their lives for them. This is a lesson in true love for adults, teens, and kids alike.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” (Jn. 15:13)

This is exactly what Jesus did for all of us. Prophets like Isaiah and Daniel told us that Jesus was going to sacrifice His life for us (Isa. 53:8; Dan. 9:26). But have you ever really ask yourself why did Jesus did it? He didn’t commit a crime, especially not one punishable by death. He could have avoided death like any of the teens we talked about. But He didn’t. He laid down His life because He loves us and He wanted to save our lives. This is true love in action, the greatest kind of love there is.

Tell Us About It!

Has anyone sacrificed themselves to save you? What was that experience like for you?



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