More Than a Superhero!


Who’s your favorite comic book superhero? Do you what kind of powers do they have? Do you know what makes Jesus more than a superhero?

A long time ago, the Jewish people studied God’s special messages just like we do today. They learned that God sent Jesus to save us.  They saw the amazing things Jesus did and they listened to the amazing things He taught them. When they did, many of them believed that God sent Jesus to save them!

But the Jewish people thought Jesus would be a Superhero who would free them from the Romans. But Jesus showed them that He came to save them from their real enemy, Satan. And He showed them in a way that no one thought He would. He gave up His life to save the Jews and the entire world!


This is what makes Jesus, the Son of God, more than a superhero. When He knew we were in danger from Satan and his evil angels, Jesus came to the rescue. He rescued us from Satan by giving up His own life. Jesus sacrificed Himself to save all of us!

He even came back to life and went back to heaven! Just thinking about Him doing all that for us is amazing!

But Satan and his evil angels didn’t like that Jesus came to save the world. How did they try to stop Him? We’ll find out next week!

Question Time!
Name a hero in your life. Why did you pick that person? Did they help you when you were in trouble? That’s exactly what Jesus did for us!

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