More Evil Than Any Super Villain!


Who’s the most evil super villain you can think of? Did you know that Satan is more evil than them? Today, you’re going to see how Satan is more evil than any super villain!

Satan is the first person to ever fight against God. He grew to hate God so much, he tried to take over heaven! He even tricked 1/3 of the angels into helping him! Because they tried to do this, Satan and his angels had to leave heaven.

Satan even tried to take over the world and us! But God had a plan to stop this from happening. Satan knew all about this plan and he tried to stop the Jewish people from accepting Jesus as their Savior.

When Jesus was with the Jews, Satan and his evil angels convinced their leaders to argue with Him. They wanted them to keep people from believing Jesus’ teachings. They even took over people’s bodies to force them to stay away from Him!

Satan and his angels got King Herod and many other people to think that they should kill Jesus. They even tried to kill Him when he was a kid! They eventually tricked the leaders of the Jews and the Romans into murdering Jesus. Satan thought if He could get Jesus to sin before that time, then nothing would stop him from taking over the world and us away from God forever! But Satan’s plan to take the world and us away from God failed. God’s plan to save us worked.

This is what makes Satan more evil than any super villain. He hates God so much, he tried to take heaven away from Him. He hates us so much, he tried to take our world and all of us away from God forever. Satan wanted to do this so bad, he murdered Jesus to do it!

But Satan’s not done yet! Next week, we’re going to start learning about Satan’s final plan to keep us away from God. We’ll even get to see how Jesus is going to save us. See you next time!

Action Time!

Satan and his angels want you to be evil just like them. Whenever you think about doing something bad, ask God to help you do what’s right. He loves helping you do that!

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