The World’s Final Exam

jesus-authority-questioned-1138449-wallpaper (1)

Read Dan. 12:1, Jn. 17:14-17, 2 Cor. 11:14, Rev. 12:11, 17 for this lesson.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 3.3 million teens in the U.S. are going to graduate from high school this year. (Congrats!) Believe it or not, God’s people around the world are about to graduate as well.

“Graduate from what?” you ask. From a world filled with sin at its most trying time. Jesus Himself will come for those faithful few and they will be with Him forever.

But we have one more exam to take before this happens. This exam will be tougher than your finals, graduation exams, the ACT, and the SAT combined. Think of it as the world’s last red button moment, because it’s going to be just like the first one!

Remember how Satan got Adam and Eve in the first red button moment? He used a beautiful and attractive serpent to tempt Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. Very soon, Satan will use another beautiful and attractive disguise to tempt the entire world. He is going to disguise himself as Jesus and tempt the world to worship him like God.  This last red button moment will divide the world into two sides.

God’s people will see this red button moment for what it is. They’ll know who this “wannabe Jesus” is. From their own experiences with Him and by studying Bible prophecy, God’s people will know that the real Jesus would never do what this wannabe Jesus will do. They will not press this red button.

But billions of people are going to believe this wannabe. Because they didn’t get to know the real Jesus, they’ll believe in this wannabe Jesus. They’ll believe everything he says and do everything he tells them to do. They will press this red button.

When they do, Satan’s going to tell them to come after us and they will. It’ll be a tough time, but God will bring us through it.

You’ve got to study up on Jesus before this happens. You’ve got to know Him for who He is. Ask God to help you get through this last red button moment. He’ll help you make it to the world’s greatest graduation. We’ll learn more about that next week.

Making it Real

Why do you want to be with the Lord forever?

Read Matt. 4:1-11 to get a better understanding of how Satan is going to tempt the world.

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