Satan’s Last Disguise


Read Dan. 12:1, Jn. 17:14-17, 2 Cor. 11:14 and Rev. 12:11, 17 for this lesson.

Did you know that Jesus is getting ready to come back? He is! But before He does, Satan is going to try and trick us one last time.

Satan is getting ready to carry out his final evil plan right now. He always wanted us to serve him instead of God. So he’s going to try and trick us into doing it. To do this, Satan is going to use one last disguise!

Remember how Satan used his serpent disguise to trick Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden? Well, Satan is going to use his best disguise to try and trick the entire world. He’s going to use a disguise that will make him look like Jesus! He’s going to tell the world that he’s Jesus so we can serve him and not God!

God’s people will know that it is Satan in disguise. They read God’s Word and prayed to Him every day. They learned about Jesus. They read the special messages He gave them about Satan’s evil disguise. They will not serve him.

But many people will not read God’s special messages. They will not pray to God to help them see through Satan’s disguise. They will be tricked into serving him instead of God!

When they do, things will be bad for God’s people. Who will come to our rescue? Find out next week!

Action Time!

READ God’s special messages in this study and ask God to help you understand them.
PRAY that God will help you see through Satan’s last disguise.

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