The World’s Graduation Address


Read Dan. 12:1-3, Mt. 24:30,31, Jn. 14:1-3, 17:24, and 1 Thess. 4:15-17 for this lesson.

Graduation Day. This is a day at your school different than any other day. A day when there are no more periods or blocks. No more homework or projects. It is the day that your work there is done.

It is the day that you’re dressed in those caps and gowns. It is the day that your name is called to receive your diploma. These tokens testify that your journey through high school is complete. This day is the key to a future full of endless opportunity.

This day will not be celebrated by you alone. It is the day when everyone who cares about you will celebrate, wherever they are. Whether you know it or not, they have always supported you through thick and thin. This day is a day that you should honor them as much as they honor you.

This is a time where you are not alone in moving forward. It is a time where graduations are happening around the world; at high schools, vocational schools, colleges and universities. You are the face of the next generation and your generation is graduating today. This is the day where your old life ends and your new one begins.

This graduation day today foreshadows the graduation to come. It will be the graduation that no person in the world will miss. Everyone will be there, whether they graduate or not. On that day, the time of that last red button moment will be over. God’s people will graduate from a world filled with sin.

It will be the day when God will send all the angels in heaven to dress us in robes of righteousness. God Himself will dress us in bodies that will never die. These divine tokens testify of our faith in Him and affirm that our journey in this sin-filled world is complete.

Even death will not stop the faithful from graduating. They will rise from their graves and be the first ones to meet the Lord in the air. It will be the day where every faithful follower of God will move forward in a future without sin. A future that God always waited for, Jesus always prayed for, and the Holy Spirit always labored for. A future of eternal opportunity.

This graduation of graduations is something that God wants you to be a part of. This is the graduation day that you can be a part of, if you’re willing to trust God. If you let Him prepare you, you will graduate on that day! This graduation day is coming…very soon. Ask God to start preparing you for it today. Your caps and gowns are waiting. Thank you.

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