Clash of Clans: Prophets


Read Deut. 18:22, Isa. 8:20, Amos 3:7 and 1 Cor. 14:3 for this lesson.

Jesus is about to come back. This is definitely going to happen. But before He does, God’s clan of prophets is going to warn the world that He’s coming. Satan knows about this, so He’s getting his clan of false prophets ready to counter them. This is going to be the ultimate clash of clans.

We need to study up on God’s prophets before this happens. Why? Because Satan’s prophets are highly skilled posers who are going to pass themselves off as prophets of God. A lot of people are going to believe these posers over God’s prophets. I’m talking billions of people here. But we’re going to give you the run down on God’s prophets so you’ll know the difference between the two. So let’s get to it!

God’s prophets are men and women, children and teens from all walks of life. When God called them, they were ready to do the work He had for them. Believe it or not, prophets still exist. They’ve been busy teaching God’s people, encouraging them in their faith, and taking care of them in good times and in bad. You may have met one without even knowing it.

Prophets are also messengers. Through visions and dreams, they received messages directly from God Himself and gave them to their people. When God’s people were doing well, God sent them messages to encourage them. But when His people messed up (by disobeying Him), God warned them, rebuked them, and only when they refused to listen, He disciplined them.

God’s prophets also dealt with a lot of wannabe prophets. They gave prophecies and messages they claimed were from God, but they weren’t. But God gave His people the means for them to know whether or not a prophecy was genuine.

Any vision or dream from God will a) actually (and completely) happen, b) not contradict God’s Word, and c) be understandable by all of God’s prophets.

But will people today listen to God’s prophets when He sends them? Next week, we’ll learn about how the world sees God’s prophets in our times.

Seen It?

Have you seen people passing themselves off as someone or something they’re not? How does this affect you? How do you think it affects them?

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