What Is A Prophet?


Read Num. 12:1, 1 Sam. 3:1-10, and 1 Cor. 14:3 for this lesson.

God’s going to send His prophets around the world to give us a very special message! But what is a prophet?

People who received special messages from God are called prophets. Prophets can be men, women, teens, and even kids like you! God called each of them to be a prophet and they were ready to serve Him.

God’s prophets encouraged His people in their faith. They taught them about God. They even helped them when they were in trouble!

The prophets gave God’s people special messages from Him called prophecies. God gave His prophets these prophecies through visions and dreams.

 Through His special messages, God encouraged His people when they did well. He kept them safe from other nations that wanted to hurt them. He warned them when they weren’t doing well. When they refused to listen to His prophecies, His people had to deal with the consequences.

Some of these special messages told God’s people about things that would happen in the future, thousands of years before they even happened!

God has prophets around the world today. They are doing exactly what they’ve always done. Soon, they’re going to tell us that Jesus is coming back! We have to get ready to listen them!

Action Time!

Ask God to help you to get ready to serve Him. He may even ask you to be a prophet!!

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