Cloudy With a Chance of Salvation

eikon_1135_Clouds have always had a significant role in teaching us about the coming of the Lord; and today you’re about to learn how through the prophets Moses and Elijah.
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The Worst Tourist Trap


You thought it’d be a simple vacation away from home. You pack your bags and head out to a place that looks like a lot of fun. You fall in love with it so much, you move right in. But after a few months, you can’t go home. You eventually find out about a lot of shady stuff going on they didn’t show you in the travel guide. You want to leave, but you’re stuck. You’ve been caught in the worst kind of tourist trap. From a prophetic point of view, that’s exactly what’s going on right now. Keep Reading!

No Prophecy = No Faith In God


Prophecy. How often do you hear about it?  If you’re visiting this site, you hear about it all the time. But why do we study it? Not merely for intellectual growth. We study prophecy because it is vital to a believer’s faith in God. Have you ever thought that it’s that important before? Here are a few reasons why it’s that important. Keep Reading!

Counsel of Early Kings and Prophets


How can the early testimony of Samuel, Saul, and David prepare us for the coming of Jesus? Keep Reading!

Ruth’s Dedication


How can Ruth’s dedication to Naomi teach us about the end-times? Keep Reading!

Judging Worthily


What counsel can the judges give us in preparing for the last days? Keep Reading!

The Counsel of a Conqueror


What counsel can we gather from the book of Joshua about the end times? Keep Reading!

The Torah’s End-Time Counsel, pt. II


What can the Exodus of Israel tell us about preparing for the end times?
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The Torah’s End-Time Counsel, pt. I


What can the history of the patriarchs tell us about how to prepare for the end-times? Keep Reading!

My Last Prayer


This is my last prayer answered: “Help me get him…” Keep Reading!