Prophets: Civil War


Read 2 Kings 17:13-23, Jer. 7:3-7, and Mic. 6:8 for this lesson.

A civil war is a war between citizens within the same country. Believe it or not, there’s been a civil war going on among God’s people, and His prophets are at the center of it.

You would think that prophets would be celebrated and honored among God’s people, since He spoke to them through them and did many miracles through them. But they weren’t.

God’s prophets were stark reminders to His people that the civil war among them was still going on. To be more specific, they didn’t like being told by the prophets that they were on the wrong side. Many of His people felt that they could worship idols, rob the poor, and murder people (among many other sins) and not be punished because they were God’s people.

They couldn’t see that God sent His prophets to bring them back to His side, the side of justice, judgment, and mercy. Their sins had blinded them from seeing the way of the Lord. So they persecuted His prophets, even murdering them to silence the messages God was trying to give them.

Though times have changed, the civil war is still going on and it’s gotten a lot worse. Many of God’s people today don’t even want to hear about prophets, let alone Bible prophecy. They’ve been so blinded by evil that they’ve grown to hate God and Jesus.

But God hasn’t given up the fight. He’s going to keep doing everything He can to save His people and bring an end to this war. So He’s getting His prophets ready. He’s about to reach out to His people once again and soon, the entire world will hear the message He has for them. Jesus is about to come back. Get ready for it.

Whose Side Are You On?

Do you take sides in discussions, arguments, etc.? When you do, do you listen to the other side’s point of view? Why is this important to consider? If you don’t, why not?

Ask God to show you what side of this civil war you’re on. This is the time you need to understand this for yourself.

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