False Prophets


Read Deut. 18:21, 22 and Isa. 8:20 for this lesson.

Did you know that people lie about being God’s prophets? They are called false prophets! But what do they do?

False prophets tell people that they’re God’s prophets, but they’re not. They lie to people.

When God’s prophets give us special messages of things that will happen, they happen! But when a false prophet gives us a message of something that will happen, it never happens.

A lot of false prophets say that they’re God’s prophets because they want people to believe that they’re important. Sometimes, they want people to worship them like God!

False prophets never teach His people from the Word of God. They always teach them what they think is right and wrong. When they did this, many people trusted in them more than God!

Soon, a lot of false prophets are going to trick a lot of people into following Satan and not Jesus! But God is going to keep us from falling for Satan’s lies. He’s got a plan! Come back next week to find out what it is!

Action Time!

Do you lie to people? How do you feel when you do? How do you feel when someone lies to you? Ask God to help you stop lying.

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