The Need for Godly Character

17fd9340f40b5a626741db486af07796How did Jesus witness to the outcasts of His society? How do we do likewise before He returns?

Examples of Successful Witnessing to those Deemed as “Outcasts”

1. Mk. 1:40-44 – The leper had heard of Jesus: His preaching, His teaching, and His power over disease. The testimony of this godly Man and his faith brought Him to Jesus.

2. Mk. 3:1-6 –The testimony of Jesus’ godly character also reached the man with the withered hand.  Godly character was what drew him to Jesus.

3. Mk. 5:25-34 – This woman had heard of Jesus. The testimony of His love for others revived her faith in being made whole.

4. Mk. 7:24-30 – The Syrophenician woman had heard of Jesus’ love for all people, no matter where they were from. That’s why she felt she could reach out to Him above anyone else.

5.  Lk. 8:39-42, 49-56 – The people had heard of Jesus through the testimony of the man once possessed by 2,000 demons. It was a powerful, personal testimony, for they were waiting for Him to return and they gladly received Him. Even Jairus, the ruler of a synagogue, awaited Him. He even bowed at His feet! For his daughter, Jesus was His only hope.

Even when Jairus heard that his daughter died, Jesus’ testimony worked within him. It kept him from losing hope entirely.

6. Lk. 13:11 – The woman with a spirit of infirmity had a need that no man could meet. Only the Son of Man could meet this need. She knew this.

7. Lk. 19:1-10 – Zacchaeus desired salvation and he saw Jesus alone as the one who could do this for him.  Thus, when Jesus came to him, Zacchaeus received Him joyfully.

8. Jn. 8:1-11 – Jesus showed this woman mercy. Mercy was what she never had, even among God’s people.

9. Jn. 9:1-38 – The man born blind, through his testimony and the testimony of Jesus, received Him.

10. Jn. 11 – Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, and the people had a plethora of testimony concerning Jesus. They received the testimony of the man born blind and their own personal testimony concerning His godly character. Even though they didn’t have a full understanding of it, they accepted Him as the Christ. The raising of Lazarus, bringing a man back from the dead, was also a powerful testimony.The cases here make the point clear. We are to receive ALL of these people. If we do, we receive Jesus (Mk. 9:36, 37). Each of these testimonies not only come from people who were looked down on in Jesus’ time, but they all share a common factor vital to our outreach for God’s people today. That is, godly character. Through the testimony of the godly character of Jesus, people were more open to hearing Him and His doctrine. This lesson is crucial to witnessing to those who many look down on in our time.

Note what Jesus did not have to do to witness to these people. He did not have to partake of the world’s sins. He did not have to give sign after sign of divine power. He didn’t even have to rely on religious authority to make people hear Him. He lived by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God and that attracted these people to Him. Through practical piety, Jesus won the class of people we lament over to witnessing to today.

What is the godly character of Jesus that won many to Him? It was a character that wanted what was best for those He met. It was a character that met the needs of the people He witnessed to before He taught them of His doctrine. It was not a character that looked down on these people.

It was a desire deep within Him. Jesus wanted these people to know the Father as He knew Him. He wanted them to know that the Father Himself loved them and He wanted them to come home.

It was that desire that moved Him to go wherever they were and to teach them that God loves them. It was that very desire that moved Him to come to the earth and give His life for them. This desire was an all-encompassing desire, a love that knows no equal on Earth or in heaven. This is the character of God manifested in the Son of God.

But why don’t we see this character within God’s people today? What keeps the Holy Spirit from manifesting such a godly character within us? The wellspring from which godly character flows abundantly is stopped by our own sinful desires.

The desire to enjoy the pleasures of sin hinders the Holy Spirit from fashioning our characters after the image of Christ. What we could be in Him cannot be known by those who cherish finite iniquity over infinite love. As such, the work within is hindered by the evil without.

It is this godly character that is needed right now. The world has had enough of those who have a form of godliness but deny its power. This work has done great harm to those who look to Christ’s return. They look to an earthly paradise because God’s people cherish the earth more than they, to the dismay of all who seek the kingdom of heaven.

This paradise has been hidden from men because the harbingers of the kingdom have not been faithful to their charge as John the Baptist before them. They have not called the people of the world to repentance. They do not call upon His people to make the paths straight. They do not call sin by its right name. They are not willing to risk their very freedom for Christ’s sake. They do not do these things, yet they judge themselves worthy of the kingdom of heaven!

God’s people can only win others to the kingdom of heaven through manifesting godly character within themselves. This is a cooperative work between themselves and the Holy Spirit. When human effort is combined with divine power, godly character will manifest itself. Humanity must struggle to put away their sins as the ancient Israelites put away their false gods. It was only by putting these false gods away that the Spirit of God could bring about a reformation among them. Embracing them brought ruin after ruin upon them, but forsaking them brought victory after victory.

The world has never been more ready to hear the truths of God than it is now. Disaster after disaster has led them to understand that something is wrong with the world. They behold the senseless violence throughout the world, even now, and cry out for a life better than this one. This is the time of harvest. This is the time to gather. This is the time to reap. The laborers must enter the fields and do the work appointed them by the Lord. They must witness with godly character to the events in the world. They must testify to them that they are preparing them for Christ’s return.

Time is almost up. The world is about to be divided and there are many among God’s people who have not come out of Babylon. This is zero hour, the time when all who love the Lord must choose to live by every word that proceedeth out of His mouth. Do not hinder your choice any longer! The world will not deliver you from these trials, it will only exacerbate them. Those who trust in the world and the spirit of the world to deliver them from judgment that day will drink from the cup of woe, prepared for all who hate God. They will fall with the world they worshipped as God and will never know the heaven that God has ready for them. Too late will they know that God loves their lives. Too late will they understand the worthlessness of man’s effort to save himself. Too late.

Would they have listened to those who compromised their faith for the pleasures of sin? Would they have repented at the call of those who lacked godly character? Would they have been converted by those who had themselves not been converted? Would they have seen the kingdom of heaven from those who could only see the kingdom of Earth? Rebellion cannot cast out rebellion.

The disciples could not have been filled with the Holy Ghost at Pentecost had they continued to cherish the sinful characters that fostered strife between them. Through prayer and supplication, the Lord prepared them in the upper room to receive power from heaven. It was in this power that thousands were converted in one day and it will be in this power that many more will soon be converted. It will be in this power that God’s rebellious people will heed the truth and come to Him.

All those who would take up the cross and follow their God must be converted. They themselves must be filled with divine power. They themselves must put away all sin and strife before they can call the world to put them away. Those who do this great thing will see greater things than these, for they will see the world hearken to a message as powerful now as it was back then. The class they once thought impossible to reach will not be held back from them and through their witness, they will bring them to the forefront of all who love the Lord. This is the desire of all who minister to them in heaven right now. This is the desire that God’s people need within them right now.

The spirit of rebellion has claimed many. Friends, family members, and neighbors have been brought under its evil influence and God’s people, who are called by His name, slumber. They are completely unaware that the people closest to them are they who will rise against them in the coming crisis. When they do, they will be completely at a loss on what to do. They will either compromise their faith to remain with them or enter the time of trouble with them as their enemies, when they could have stood with them! The truth of this will grieve them throughout the world’s crisis. This is a fate that many are preparing for, actively or inactively, and they are completely unaware of it.

This is a fate that does not have to be theirs. They must let the truths of God’s Word cut them to the heart first. He who will fall on the cornerstone will be broken, but he on whom it falls will be ground to powder. They are not being broken merely for themselves, but for those who they love. They must see Christ in them. Is this not how many in Christ’s day were won? Christ had witnessed to many families through a member of their family. Through their joyful testimony, they brought many members of their family to Christ. Following in the footsteps of Christ before them will bring many on the side of the enemy to the side of humanity’s Ally. This will alleviate the grief of mind to all who will enter the final conflict.

There are many among us today who believe themselves tethered to their sins. They believe that they cannot escape them or the condemnation to come. As such, they flee the calls for repentance, believing themselves unworthy. God knows them better than they know themselves. He has heard their cries. He loves them so much that He sent His Son to die for them, too. Though they have heard this truth, they have not cherished it in their heart. They must ask God for the divine power to do this. Heaven is for them, too. Jesus pleads with them to put their faith in Him before the time. Those who trust in Him will feel the weight upon their hearts be lifted, as if the burden they were carrying for years was no longer there. In that day, they will know that their God has heard their prayers. They will know that Jesus loves them. They will know that the hope of the faithful is now their hope.

This is the field that God is preparing us to enter right now. It is a goodly field, ready to be harvested. The instilling of godly character within His people is crucial to the success of this work. The world is in such a state of rebellion that many do not have an awareness of the time, not even us. God’s people must awaken. They must arise from their spiritual slumber and work for all who would be saved, including themselves. They must witness the power of God to all they know and to all whom they don’t, that they may know their God cometh in the clouds of heaven. They must put away all sin and its pleasures. They must put away all strife with their adversaries. They must make prayer and supplication before the Lord. The Holy Spirit is about to be poured out upon all who desire to take up the Lord’s work and the world is about to enter its greatest trial. We must no longer hold back from this work. The lives of your loved ones depends on your choice whether or not to let the Holy Spirit work within you.

Do not slack, do not sleep, do not delay. Today, now, is the time to take up the work. Ask the Lord to free you from sin, from the chains of rebellion that hinder you from entering His field. When you do, you will be fitted with the godly character that this work so desperately needs. This is the greatest moment in human history and the Lord wants you to be a part of it. The field is open and we are the laborers. Let us prepare to enter it and reap.

To Be Continued…Check Us Out Next Time!

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