Save Who? How?


Who is to be saved in the end-times and how are we to reach them?

The book of Acts provides us all the answers we need and from it, we provide this answer.

The Lord will direct when and where the gospel is to be preached. It is not to be restricted. It is to be given to men and women alike, that they may believe.

Even those in prison should hear the truth, to the saving of their souls. This is why the prisoners did not flee when they had the chance. Paul and Silas had witnessed to them. They were already free from the prison of sin and thus, they were no longer truly confined within their cells (Acts 10:1-33).

The wisdom and spirit which the Lord will impart to them will be impossible for man to resist, so they will resort to other means to hinder the work. But the work will move forward. Paul preached to Justus, Crispus, and many Corinthians despite meeting resistance. The work continued, even to the Jews at Ephesus. This work was so successful, they even strengthened Apollos in his ministry.

This work calls for time and patience. Paul labored for two years. Throughout that time, Paul did held back nothing that would help the church. So deep was his commitment to them, he was ready to give his life for them. He did not wrong them in any way. He did not cease in warning them of threats from without and within their ranks. The threats that his church faced brought him pain and tears, but he persisted in his work. Most importantly, he did not lessen the authority of the Word of God in his ministry. He uplifted it as the means of building up the church and by which they would receive their eternal inheritance.

This work calls for humility, not pride or the desire to exalt one’s self. It is not free from temptation or pain.

False teachers will arise in the church, seeking to lead people away by their enchantments. But they and their false teachings will be revealed for what they are. The truth of the matter will lead those in the church to repent and confess their sins. From that point, they will forsake the false teachings they secretly cherished and the work will move forward.

The work is still to be done, even in the face of rejection and opposition. Even if it is opposed by rulers or others in authority, we are not to use the Scriptures as a means of speaking out against them. God will preserve His people and His message.

At all times, we should be ready to give witness to our faith. Men and women must always search the Scriptures to affirm that what we believe in is true. When we discover wrong, we must speak out against it.  Despite the intentions of those who taught the erroneous doctrine, we are to speak out against it.

When reaching out to the community, we must get to know the people first and adapt the message accordingly. The truth should still be taught, but by means and ways familiar to those who you are reaching. This method must not forsake the teaching of the end times. We must always bear in mind that the goal of this message is to prepare them for the coming of Jesus and witness it accordingly. Give this message and leave the rest of the work to God.

Witnessing is not merely a repeating of biblical truths. It is an opportunity to share with others how these truths are real in their own lives. The Scriptures are a life-changing experience and your personal testimony is the means to tell others how they changed your life. When the work is over, we should also make sure to make time to interact with new believers. Our interaction with them should be respectful of our faith and our mission.

When the enemies of our faith seek to use the authority of the state against us, we should not be afraid. Our godly character will preserve us from their evil designs. Their character will be revealed in due time and the authorities will see their designs for what they are.

When we are called to give testimony before these authorities, the faithful testimonies we will give will not be worthy of death. Our testimony of the end times must be trustworthy. As such, we must allow the Holy Spirit to speak through us and not rely on ourselves for this. Despite whatever evil is done to us, we must give a faithful testimony of what is revealed to us. We are to be patient for our moment to do this. When it arrives, the spirit in which we give this testimony is vital. It must not be given in a condescending manner, but in a way that will encourage them by Word and by prophecy to trust God. The opportunity to do this will present itself and they will take it, as long as the messenger displays faith in the message.

God will preserve us from those who still work to cease our work. We must keep our eyes on the mission, in spite of these things. We must not retaliate against them or repel their accusations. When their accusations are challenged, they will be found to be baseless. Do not be concerned about what to say in these times. The Holy Spirit will give you utterance and your counsel will be able to be resisted.

In the nature of our work, we should not be above accepting the kindness or hospitality of others. These are God’s people and He sent them to encourage us. They are a testimony that God is watching over us and providing for us. Moreover, it also shows us how God has blessed our labors.

Be sure to search the book of Acts and you will see for yourselves how this gospel message found a ready audience, even in tough times.

May the Lord bless your labors in these final days.

To Be Continued…Check Us Out Next Time!

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