God’s Early Warning System

Moore, Oklahoma Tornado on Ground

Read Isa. 21:6, Amos 3:7, and 2 Pet. 1:19 for this lesson.

A few years ago, a mile-wide tornado swept through Moore, Oklahoma. Before it hit, 36 tornado sirens were sounded throughout the suburb 36 minutes in advance. The sounding of these sirens gave residents time to take shelter before the 200+ mph winds completely destroyed their homes. If it wasn’t for those sirens, many more people would have died.

The tornado sirens in Moore, Oklahoma are part of what’s called an early warning system. These systems are made to provide an advanced warning of weather-related threats such as tornadoes. But God’s early warning system is about to warn us of a threat bigger than any tornado.

Last week, we learned more about false prophets and how they’re about to sweep this world like a tornado.  But before that happens, God will activate His early warning system, His prophets. Right now, He’s putting His prophets in place around the world like those tornado sirens in Moore, Oklahoma. God is preparing them to sound His warnings like those sirens. When they do, the entire world is going to hear them.

The goal of His warnings is simple: to warn us. Through His prophets, God is going to warn the entire world of the things that will happen before Jesus comes back. These warnings are not given to offend us. They are given to warn us. You may not like hearing about tornadoes, but if you knew one was coming, you’d get ready for it, right?

When God’s early warning system sounds, you need to listen to those warnings. Every one of them is important. If you do what they say, God will bring you through the coming crisis and get you ready before Jesus comes back. Ask Him to help you listen out for them today.

Seen It?

Have you ever been in a tornado? What was it like? What did you do when it was over?

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