The Worst Tourist Trap


You thought it’d be a simple vacation away from home. You pack your bags and head out to a place that looks like a lot of fun. You fall in love with it so much, you move right in. But after a few months, you can’t go home. You eventually find out about a lot of shady stuff going on they didn’t show you in the travel guide. You want to leave, but you’re stuck. You’ve been caught in the worst kind of tourist trap. From a prophetic point of view, that’s exactly what’s going on right now.

No one imagined that they’d spend so much time in a place where there’s so much evil going on. Every time the news comes on, you find out that there’s more to this place than you thought there was. It feels like you’re in a roach motel more than the resort they said you’d be staying in. But God wants us to remember that we’re not residents in this place. We’re tourists.

As God’s people, we must remember that we’re tourists in this sin-filled world. This isn’t our home. It’s not a vacation spot. We’re just passing through. It’s tempting to get involved with the things that the world does, the late-night partying, the drinking, and such. But this is not what goes on at home. Our home doesn’t have these things, but we’ll be a lot happier there than we are here. A lot of us are so tired of being here, we spend our time wondering why we haven’t gone home yet. We’re homesick. But we get so involved in these tourist attractions that we forget we’re supposed to be going somewhere better than this.

Before we go home, it’s going to get a little rough. A lot of us are going to want to stay here and not go home. They like it here. They don’t care about the problems they see, they just want to stay.  Every attraction under the sun is there for them and that’s all they’ll ever see. But God’s people will know that this is not where they want to be. They’ll pack up their bags and get ready to go home. They won’t take a single souvenir with them; they’ll be that frustrated with the way things went. “Should they stay or should they go?” will be the question that the world will have to answer before Jesus returns.

So where does Bible prophecy fit into this? God decreed that He would send His prophets to warn us before Jesus returns (Joel 2:28, 29; Amos 3:7; Mat. 24:14). As such, they’re going be going all over this sin-filled tourist trap to tell God’s people that it’s time to go home. They’re going to let them know that their ride is almost here (insert Bible prophecy here). They’re even going to show them where their ride is going to pick them up.

Satan’s got his prophets, too. They’re going to be telling everyone to go to the next ride before they get picked up. He’s even going to have a ride of his own. He’ll be that family friend who tries to lure your child into the wrong car. That’s why God’s sending His prophets to us.

God’s people must always keep this in mind. We’re in the worst kind tourist trap right now, but God’s about to send His prophets. He’s about to tell the entire world that it’s time for us to come home. Pack your bags, everyone. We’re about to get picked up.

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