Cloudy With a Chance of Salvation

eikon_1135_Clouds have always had a significant role in teaching us about the coming of the Lord; and today you’re about to learn how through the prophets Moses and Elijah.

In Moses’ time, when God Himself travelled among His people, He did so in a cloudy pillar. This cloudy pillar did not depart from them until He fulfilled His word to bring the nation of Israel into the Promised Land. Over two million Israelites dwelled in the presence of the Lord for a little over forty years. This was a fact beyond dispute.

In Elijah’s time, a drought had come upon Israel because God’s people had turned away from the Lord to the false god Baal. After three and a half years, Elijah gathered all Israel to Mt. Carmel to settle this matter once and for all of who was God.  So how did God settle this? By doing something that the false god Baal (or any false god among us today, for that matter) could not do or hope to do: He rained fire from heaven in such a way that even the most skeptical minds could not question it.

When the Israelites purged the prophets of the grove from Israel, deliverance soon came in the form of a small cloud that grew greater and greater until it filled the land with water. The very sight of that one cloud elicited Elijah to hasten Ahab to return home immediately. Elijah knew that that cloud was a sign of the deliverance he had prayed for.

But in our time, the clouds are about to teach God’s people once again where their deliverance will come from. Jesus utilized these masses of condensed water to teach His disciples how He was going to return to the earth: He will come through the clouds. Now if you remember the examples, you’ll learn the lessons you need to understand about our coming salvation.

The deliverance of God’s people will come at a time when God’s people have turned back to Him. But when will this deliverance come to God’s people, who are even now in the midst of a rebellion against Him? The answer here is the same as it was in the days of Elijah: there will be a time that all the world must decide who their God is. They must decide whether to serve the Lord or bow the knee to Baal. When everyone has made their decision, when all of God’s people around the world turn back to Him, then their salvation will come. But what will be the sign of this great deliverance?

The sign of the greatest deliverance will be the same one that God used in the days of Elijah: a small storm cloud. As the small storm cloud brought Israel deliverance from drought, so will the small storm cloud bring God’s people deliverance from the world. From that cloud, Jesus will send billions of angels to gather God’s people from around the world to Him and they will be delivered at last.

As the Lord led the Israelites from Egypt to Canaan, He will lead His people from every era in human history from Earth to Heaven. As the cloudy pillar led Israel, Jesus will lead God’s people from glory to glory and they will at last, receive the reward of their faith. They will be brought to the heavenly Promised Land, where they will dwell with the Lord forever.

This lesson is written in the clouds. God just taught you that and He wants you to learn this lesson. Prepare yourself, for even the clouds themselves are getting ready. Will you?

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