A God to Admire

'Every Knee Shall Bow'  J. Kirk Richards

Today was an important day for The Hidden Chalkboard. We finally began the work of preaching the Word to the world. This could not have been done without the Lord and tonight, I’m going to tell you why His faithfulness is worthy of admiration. Continue reading

Our True Ruler


Much has been said and much has been done in this race for the seat of the American presidency. The world is filled with anticipation as to who will rule the United States. The politics of polarization cover the entire country as many align themselves behind the one whom they have chosen to rule over them for the years to come. In this course, many have erred from their faith. In their zeal to secure political power for themselves, God’s people have forsaken the power that is about to change the world as we know it.

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Feast on This


A month ago, I was walking to Kroger on a Saturday night when the Lord stopped me in my tracks. I wanted to go grocery shopping, but He wanted me to go home.

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Driving the Message Home


With the growing number of those preaching the message of Jesus’ Second Coming, the church itself has not come out in support of them. Why do those who profess to await this glorious day sit idly by while the signs Jesus prophesied of come to pass?

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Your Church Nightmare


Many of us choose to serve the Lord for a number of reasons. Ideally, the main reason is because we love the Lord and we want to serve Him. So why are so many people are leaving the church?

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Shadow of the Coming Trouble


What can the testimony and persecution of John the Baptist tell us about the end-times? Keep Reading!

Shadow of the Second Coming


Through John the Baptist, we have received a message from the Lord. Read every word of this prophecy and do not let one word of it fall to the ground, for the time is near. Keep Reading!