Your Church Nightmare


Many of us choose to serve the Lord for a number of reasons. Ideally, the main reason is because we love the Lord and we want to serve Him. So why are so many people are leaving the church?

While there are a number of causes, one of the main reasons that sticks out the most is the evil they see within it. That’s right. Evil within the church, the house of God, the one place where evil should have no dominion over His people. Your church nightmare.

Satan does not focus his attacks merely on the congregation of the church. He knows that he can affect a greater number of God’s people if he targets its leaders, the undershepherds whom God called to lead His people by faith and by example. This targeting of church leaders, unfortunately, has done great harm throughout the church.

This tactic is not novel, for the Bible tells us of those whose sinful examples led God’s people away from Him. Aaron, the brother of Moses, had led all Israel to apostasy by permitting the construction of the golden calf. Hophni and Phineas, sons of Eli the priest, by indulging their sins, had led all Israel to treat the offering of the Lord with contempt. The kings of Israel had led the entire nation to rebel against the Lord through their worship of false gods.

Despite all the time that passed between the biblical period and now, these things have gotten worse within God’s house. Scandal after scandal continues to arise among the leaders of God’s people, giving His enemies many an occasion to blaspheme.

The wicked courses of these leaders has facilitated the corruption of biblical teachings, the breakdown of trust in church leaders, and even the abandonment of the faith by these troubled people entirely. One can only wonder at how many people have left the church because of experiences like these.

But the greatest consequence of these things, in light of the end times, is their forsaking the Lord before His coming. I can imagine no greater nightmare than God’s house being empty before the coming crisis. This nightmarish scenario would mean that God’s people would not trust Him to prepare them for the coming of His own Son! If God’s people do not take action against the sins within their churches, this horrific scenario will cross the realm of a nightmare and become a very dark reality. They must take action!

When God’s people were being corrupted by the leaders He appointed over them, He did more than simply rebuke and condemn their sins. He took action against them! Aaron and the rebellious Israelites were punished by God for their apostasy. Hophni and Phineas were killed in battle for their vile ways. Kings and priests were removed from office because their sins provoked the Lord to anger. He did not allow their sins to destroy His people. He did something about it.

This was the way to end this nightmare among God’s people before and it is the way to end them now. God’s leaders must overcome their sins, within or without the church. They must call it by its right name and make restitution to those they have affected by their wicked course. Those in church office who do these things must repent or be removed their positions. Their wickedness cannot be allowed to lead any more of God’s people away from Him before the coming of Jesus Christ.

The Lord, who took action against the nightmares in His church in the past, will soon take action against them in our time. In the final reformation to take place amongst God’s people, the Lord will bring these sins to the forefront through His prophets. Like John the Baptist of old, God’s last-day prophets will call out those who have cherished their sins over their service to God. These corrupted leaders will have no means by which to conceal their sins, just as the Pharisees, Sadducees, and scribes before them.

But for those who repent, there is still hope. They can still have the salvation of the faithful if they come out from their sins now. Their labors can lead many who have fallen back to the Lord, but they must overcome their fears. They must not worry about what will be said of them or how they will be perceived by the world. They and the church must pray to God, that they may have the strength to do what is right in His sight. If they do this one thing, they will save themselves and our church nightmare will no longer be ours.

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