Driving the Message Home


With the growing number of those preaching the message of Jesus’ Second Coming, the church itself has not come out in support of them. Why do those who profess to await this glorious day sit idly by while the signs Jesus prophesied of come to pass?

The answer to this problem is simple. A lack of drive. God’s people are missing the ambition to drive this message home. Something is keeping them from carrying out the Great Commission they have been charged with and even the secular world can see it. They see by our desire for political power, our lack of concern for the poor and the needy, and by the sins we indulge that we act more like them than like Christ. They can see that God’s people, no matter how much they profess it, are not serious about Jesus’ Second Coming.

What is driving the people of God from living and giving the message that delivered them from their sins? Primarily, God’s people care more about what the world has to offer them. Attaining the priorities of the world (a nice job, a spouse and children, a home, fame, fortune, power, etc.) has taken precedence over fulfilling the spiritual priorities of the Great Commission. We don’t want to admit that because that would mean that we have no faith in that which we profess.

But when you talk about these things to believers, you can see in many of them that they do not take them seriously. It is no small wonder that Jesus said, “…Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? (Lk. 18:8)” He knew long before we did that God’s people were going to be in such a Laodicean condition, you could not tell them apart from those who didn’t believe in Him.

Were the prophecies of the Bible given in vain? Was Christ’s sacrifice only for the sake of His followers’ earthly ambitions or was it for the sake of His heavenly promises to us? Our faith and our walk in these last days are not answering this question affirmatively or in unison. This must be corrected.

God’s people need drive, the drive to live up to their profession. They cannot be driven to carry out the Great Commission while they indulge the popular sins of the world today (alcohol, cohabitation, ungodly entertainment, apathy for the poor, etc.). They must drive these things away from them as Jesus drove out the demons from Mary Magdalene. When she accepted this gospel message, she did not remain in her then “profession.” She forsook it.

John, the Baptist, Jesus, and the leaders of the early church after them kept the Second Coming on the minds of those who listened to them. The church was never to forget that the earthly things would pass away one day and they could not be taken with them to heaven. Their leaders always kept the point in their minds that the goal of Jesus’ Sacrifice and ministry in heaven was not to gratify their earthly ambitions.

They were driven to give this message, driven to warn the world of Jesus’ Second Coming and this drive is sorely needed among us today. We cannot ignore the prophecies of the Bible any longer than we have. We can no longer approach the days of Christ’s coming with a half-hearted attitude. We can no longer entertain “smooth messages” (Isa. 30:10), the desire to “keep up with the Joneses”, and the urge to indulge our sins. These things are real and the signs of the times are real. God’s people need to get in their cars and buckle up because these Jesus is on the way and the world needs to know before He gets here. It’s time for them to drive the message home.

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