Our True Ruler


Much has been said and much has been done in this race for the seat of the American presidency. The world is filled with anticipation as to who will rule the United States. The politics of polarization cover the entire country as many align themselves behind the one whom they have chosen to rule over them for the years to come. In this course, many have erred from their faith. In their zeal to secure political power for themselves, God’s people have forsaken the power that is about to change the world as we know it.

What saith the Scriptures concerning the coming of Jesus? Do they say that He will appoint a man (or woman) to rule over them to usher in the kingdom of heaven in our country and the world? Do the prophecies of the Bible tell us of a coming Savior that will save us from those who do not submit to our political (vs. biblical) ideology? Do they tell us of an American president who died for their sins? If the Scriptures do not tell us of these things, why have those who look forward to Jesus’ return from heaven look for His coming in a ruler of the earth? Why have they vested more of their money, their time, and their zeal in the appointing a human ruler than preparing the world to meet Jesus, the Ruler of Heaven and Earth?

It is written that our treasure is where our heart is (Mt. 6:21). In putting our treasure into choosing a man to rule over us rather than Jesus, the community of God’s people stand rebuked. You, like our fathers before us, have sought a king to rule over you; and in doing so, you have rejected God. You have forgotten your commission to go and make disciples of all nations to hasten the coming of Jesus to make disciples of our own country to hasten the leadership of man.

The enemies of God can now see your hypocrisy, for you do as they do. You trust in man and make flesh your arm. Whose disciples are you? Do you not profess to serve God? Do you not uplift His Word at every trial you face? Do you not hold faith in His promises to deliver you from all who oppress you? Is this not the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment? Is He not Judge of all the Earth?

It is God who setteth up the kings of the earth and removes them. He appoints them over the nations that they may do His will. But what doth our own history testify of them? Do they not testify of the evil they do in the sight of the Lord? Have not the annals of our recent times told us that men in positions of power corrupt themselves? Do they not defile their places with sins, both openly and secretly? They do and the Lord has seen them. Though they hide their sins in the dark, He sees them and He abhors them.

Many of the kings of the earth have done evil in the sight of the Lord. They have led the world, even His own people, to sin against Him. They have used the positions He appointed them to blaspheme the name of the Lord. They have claimed to do things in His name when His name was not among them. They have thought to change times and laws that He did not authorize them to do. They have deceived the entire world into believing that man can save man. Did God send His Son to die for our salvation in vain, that a man can do this in the office of an earthly government? Is this the power vested in an earthly nation and an earthly government of man? No government of man has, or will ever have, the power to do this.

What saith the Lord of earthly governments in the days before the coming of Jesus? Through Daniel, the Gospels, and even the Revelation of Jesus Christ, we are warned that they will arise against God’s people and many will be led astray by them. They will forsake their faith in God to uplift man in His place. Is this rebellion any different than the rebellion in heaven that began the war against sin? It is not and it will reach its height through the very ones that praise His name.

Many will forsake the Lord before the coming of Jesus and they will not even know it. They will believe themselves to be doing the Lord’s service when they smite their fellow servants who stand against the final rebellion against God. They will give no heed to the Word they once lifted up or the God they once cherished above all men in those days. They will return to their folly as a dog returns to his own vomit.

Scripture after Scripture not only tells the world that they are repeating history, it also tells them that they will repeat history even to the end of time. The world will ignore these warnings as it always has. But why are God’s people standing among them? Why have they allowed themselves to be gathered against the Lord as Satan and Korah gathered God’s people against the Lord? Have they not read the root and the end of their ways? Were they not cast out from the presence of the Lord forever? No, no, they have not read that which will make them wise unto salvation. They have turned from Him to seek the salvation of men, which is no salvation.

The Lord will appoint no government over the world that will keep His people from looking Him to deliver them. He will not deceive His people into believing that they must trust in themselves and not in their God to overcome their own sins. This will be the fruit of a world that will unite against Him. They will certainly do this and we will behold the blasphemy of a power that claims every prerogative belonging to God alone. It will lead the world into rebelling against God and the governments of the world will be chief in this trespass.

As man seeks to unite the power of the church and the state, it will open the way for man to pass laws that seek to command the conscience of men. They will deceive the entire world to trust in man over His God. As Nebuchadnezzar had done in the plain of Dura, so will man do in all the world. Who did Nebuchadnezzar call to this apostasy? Was it not the rulers whom the Lord appointed over Babylon? Did not these who ruled over the affairs of men bow before the great golden image that Nebuchadnezzar had set up? They did and the record of their apostasy is forever chronicled in the Scriptures. Will you not soon see the same thing in our times? Believe we still that these things cannot befall us? Do we continue to cherish such falsehoods among us? They cannot profit, and they have never done so.

Earthly powers cannot unite the people of God and neither can earthly churches. It is the power of the Holy Spirit that will unite the church. He has done so in the days of the early church and He will unite them in our days, as well. When we look to stately power as the means of uniting the church, we revere this power as the Holy Spirit. It was by His power that men wrote the prophecies of old. In looking to use stately power to do this, we have trusted in a false prophet.

What saith the Scriptures concerning this false prophet? The Revelation of Jesus Christ tells us that this power will deceive all nations by its miracles and will convince the world to worship the first beast. Beasts are kingdoms in Bible prophecy (Dan. 7:17, 23; Rev. 13:13, 14). He will be at the forefront of uniting men against God as he united those within it against God. Such a thing will not come by violence or by force, but by deception. The devil will deceive the whole world into believing the outrageous claims of this deceiving power. He will convince the world to trust in this false prophet and many who profess to serve the Lord will be among them. They will do this thing because they will trust in man and the power of the state to unite His people rather than the Holy Spirit who actually did so! And such a rebellious fate began when man trusted in man.

God’s people must repent of this sin, the sin that began all sins: trusting in the created to do the work of the Creator. Man, despite his rank, prestige, or power, cannot unite God’s people as the Holy Spirit will unite them. This, He will do through His prophets. Man will be deceived into believing he can through satanic power and delusion. God’s people must escape this delusion and seek their God. They must turn to the Word, and the prophecies written therein. They must not forget or forsake their true Ruler, the God of Heaven and Earth. The days draw close where men, even God’s people, will be tempted as Jesus was tempted. Before these days, God’s people must elect Him as their Ruler once again, that He may elect them to serve in His government for all eternity.

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