A God to Admire

'Every Knee Shall Bow'  J. Kirk Richards

Today was an important day for The Hidden Chalkboard. We finally began the work of preaching the Word to the world. This could not have been done without the Lord and tonight, I’m going to tell you why His faithfulness is worthy of admiration.

The past two months were an incredible trial for me and The HC. The Lord and I withstood many who had fought against the work of warning the world of His Son’s Coming. Christians and non-Christians alike warred against this site. They kept coming! But the Lord was faithful and our work still stands.

But in the past few weeks, Satan himself sought to corrupt the work. By tainting the messages and the comments I was giving, He sought to turn people away from the faith. It was one of the greatest trials I have ever experienced, because several of those people were negatively affected by these things. But the Lord never left me in this time. Despite Satan’s sophistry, the Lord never let him take over this work completely. He faithfully preserved the many people who saw these things.

After he was cast out of me, I purposed in my heart to make sure everyone knows what he did to me. That’s just what our message was about today (be sure to listen to it when we load it!)

Even when I was tired from the many things that were happening, God moved His people on our Facebook page to withstand the work of the devil’s agents Is this not something to admire?

You have only heard a few of the things that merit our admiration of the Most High, but the days are coming when the Lord surely be admired by His people. As He faithfully protects His people and preserves His work, even His enemies will admire Him for His unceasing work on behalf of His people. This is what will bring many of them to the Lord from the ranks of those who hate Him.

But the lost will also see how the Lord had faithfully reached out to them, too. They will see every effort He made to deliver them. The world will not enter these times without knowing the faithfulness of the Lord When He ends the greatest conflict the world has ever known, the world will surely admire the One who delivered them these things.

5 thoughts on “A God to Admire

  1. You wrote: “But the lost will also see how the Lord had faithfully reached out to them, too. They will see every effort He made to deliver them.”

    If God made every effort to reach the lost, and if some still remain lost, does that mean God’s efforts actually fail?

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      • True. In our own strength, we cannot overcome sin. But Jesus has provided us the means to do this. Take the time of Pentecost, for example. When the apostles preached to the multitude of Jews in Jerusalem at the time, they were still slaves to sin. But yet, they had the will to repent of their sins. How was this possible? The Holy Spirit. He moved upon their hearts and they were able to repent and be baptized. He moved upon the apostles before them to choose to follow Jesus’ and leave off their old lives (and the sins with them.)

        In the last days, the Holy Spirit will move upon all men in like manner. He will prick their hearts and awaken them to their sinful condition. In that time, they will have the strength to overcome their sins if they so choose. That is why Jesus died for us, that all men may have this opportunity; and they will have it.


  2. Your ministry is exactly what we need in these last days and I am so glad to have found it – I continue to read, pray, and share this site. Please do not be discouraged because God is using you and the devil will not win, although he is working hard to block God’s healing. God bless!

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