The Rise of a Global Crisis


What are we witnessing in our lifetime? Are we not witnessing the militarization of the police, the polarization of political ideologies, our nation’s overdependence on credit, the rising hostility of the poor against the rich, an antagonistic atmosphere on virtually all issues, the rise of mob rule, and terrorism by hostile parties and governments? These issues are not occurring in a vacuum or happening to a singular nation. They are happening all around the world and they are occurring at such an exponential rate, even the media cannot cover them all.

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Homecoming: A Call to Study the Sanctuary of God


Can the sanctuary of Israel give us counsel for the end times? Can its teachings have a practical impact on our faith? Keep Reading!

“Repeat and Enlarge”


Many believe that the prophetic books of the Bible cannot be understood. They teach others the falsehood that the words and books of these prophets are sealed, keeping them from learning the truths God would have them know before His Son’s return. But today, we’re going to show you that this is not the case. “Those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever…” (Deut. 29:29)

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Open Our Eyes


God’s people must keep their eyes on current events. The many things going on around us right now tell us that the end of sin (not the world) is near. To confirm this assertion, we will analyze the testimony of John the Baptist to three specific parties prior to Jesus’ First Coming. Through his testimony to the people, the publicans, and the soldiers, we will gather counsel for the end times.

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The “He Said, She Said” Problem in Bible Prophecy


“Pastor So-and-So says that there’s going to be seven years of…”

“Sister So-and-So told me that the Antichrist is a…”

Many of God’s people wonder what is about to happen to the world. They see the actions of the terrorist groups, the acts of violence committed against men, women, and children in our country, and the growing antagonism between the rich and the poor. Even the secular world can see that something’s about to go down.

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What Lies Beneath: Normality, Hate, and Faith


There are several different areas today that many people are not clear about: what constitutes “normal”, what constitutes a “message of hate”, and what true faith in God is and how it manifests itself. What truth lies beneath the surface of our understanding of them? Let’s look at each of these in turn. Keep Reading!

No Time for Jokes


Why did the sons-in-law of Lot think he was joking when he told them that Sodom was going to be destroyed? Keep Reading!

The Defiling of Dinah


What caused the defiling of Dinah? How can God’s people learn from this experience to prepare for the end times? Keep Reading!