The “He Said, She Said” Problem in Bible Prophecy


“Pastor So-and-So says that there’s going to be seven years of…”

“Sister So-and-So told me that the Antichrist is a…”

Many of God’s people wonder what is about to happen to the world. They see the actions of the terrorist groups, the acts of violence committed against men, women, and children in our country, and the growing antagonism between the rich and the poor. Even the secular world can see that something’s about to go down.

God’s people want answers, but the problem is that there are too many answers to choose from. There seem to be as many interpretations of Bible prophecy as there are denominations in the faith. This has confused many of God’s people. They don’t know what to believe and they do not know what to do. Why is this so?

God’s people are confused about Bible prophecy because they do not study a prophetic message after they hear it. Rather than searching the Scriptures daily to see if these things are so, they try to process these messages with their own thinking. When they do this, they are leaning to their own understanding and not trusting in the Lord to give them the interpretation. This is why many of these interpretations of last-day events are wrong.

They do not know what to think about the prophetic messages because they suppress the conviction they have on them. The truth that hits home, that Jesus is coming, is too overwhelming for them. They are scared of losing what earthly possessions they have, so they try to block out any conviction that a last-day message brings upon them.

God’s people are confused because their teachers are not willing to be corrected. They are determined to be right and they are not willing to study with others under the counsel of the Holy Spirit to determine the accuracy of their interpreations. This has made their work vulnerable to satanic influence and worldly and/or literal concepts.

Finally, God’s people are confused because the faith of many of these last-day teachers is not in harmony with the messages they give. Their messages warn us about the nearness of the time but their practical example tells us that these things are far off. Which message should God’s people hearken to?

We have to deal with the “He said, she said” situation in Bible prophecy like someone who handles this with rumors in their own lives. We must go straight to the Source and ask Him our questions directly. If we need help, we should ask God to send us the truth. The Holy Spirit sent Philip to give understanding to the Ethiopian eunuch. He also sent Peter to Cornelius when it was time for him to learn of the Lord more fully. How much more will the Lord send Him to guide His people into all truth before the coming of Jesus!

While there are many interpretations of Bible prophecy, there is only one Holy Spirit who can give us true understanding. Trust in the Lord to help you find the correct interpretation of Bible prophecy. If you let Him show you the interpretation of His prophecies (He moved upon men to write them), you will know what God said about these prophecies. The Holy Spirit will soon put an end to the “He said, she said” in our faith. He will do so in the way He has always done it, “Thus saith the Lord…” In the end times, this is what matters. We just need to listen. May God’s people hear what He says today.


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