Homecoming: A Call to Study the Sanctuary of God


Can the sanctuary of Israel give us counsel for the end times? Can its teachings have a practical impact on our faith?

I do not dispute that the time to offer sacrifices is over, for the ultimate Sacrifice was made on behalf of all mankind. Nor am I suggesting that God’s people return to this sacrificial system. But if we truly believe that God does not change, then we know that there’s no division of His character (“Old Testament” God vs. “New Testament God”). We understand that God always had a plan to save mankind from sin and He wanted His people to tell the world about it by their faith and by practical example.

What I want to encourage you to study is the first phase of God’s plan that is much overlooked and undervalued by His people today. That is, the sanctuary of God. His home away from home.

Did you know that in the sanctuary, the Israelites had a miniature model of the plan of salvation for hundreds of years? Did you know that they also had a Master Teacher who dwelled among them and taught them about His plan? God Himself dwelled among His people. Through the sanctuary’s services, offerings, priests, and even the furniture and structure of His tabernacle, God taught His people the plan of salvation.

The sanctuary the Israelites built is a miniature model of the sanctuary in heaven and through it, the Israelites had a visual teaching tool that showed them how God forgave sin, cleansed them from sin, and ultimately, cleared their record of sin.

I do not share this with you simply as a call to study something interesting, but as someone who experienced the transforming power of this object lesson myself. I am a visual learner and when it came to explaining my faith, I was always taught audibly. But the visual teaching tool, provided in the house of God, the Lord helped me understand His plan of salvation a lot more. I was so driven to know more about this plan, I studied the sanctuary exclusively for over two years. Time on the bus, before and after work, and weekends were dedicated just to learning the precious truths contained within this one divine teaching tool.

Through studying this one teaching tool, I was actually led to study the Gospels of Jesus. I was investigating the showbread at the time and how it pointed to Jesus, but was unable to. It was then I was impressed by the Lord to study the Gospels and when I did, it all came together.

Through studying the sanctuary of God, I learned that the truth is not merely something to be studied. It is something to be experienced. My experience in those two years was one of spiritual growth and through seeking the understanding of God’s house in the wilderness, He blessed the work. Part of the reason why this website exists is because the Lord had me study this one object lesson.

Now I know that everyone cannot study as much as I do. But the time spent in studying this one teaching tool of God was more than enough to increase my understanding and my faith, change my character, and motivate me to study the Gospels. As such, it is a study that I strongly recommend that God’s people undertake.The same power that attended my studies can attend yours.

If you want to know more about this extraordinary object lesson, I recommend the two books I read before seriously investigating the sanctuary. They helped shed a practical light on this study for me and gave me much insight, as well. May God teach you through this study as He taught me.

Ransom and Reunion by W.D. Frazee

The Sanctuary Service by M.L. Andreasen

Until next time, Class Dismissed!

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