The HC in 2016


Good evening, everyone

I hope 2017 is going well for you, thus far. We’ve got quite a year to look forward to, especially as we continue to keep an eye on the signs of the times. Prophecy is being fulfilled all around us and the coming of our Lord gets closer by the day.

One of my goals for our work is to keep all of our readers in the loop about how things are going with The HC. So every year, I plan to give you a “progress report” that will do just that. So, for our report for 2016, I want to give you a quick rundown on how we got started, where we’ve been, and where we’re going.

But before we begin, I want to thank all of you very much for your support. Your continued readership means much to us, and much to me personally. We’ve been online for a little over a year now and we’re still dedicated to teaching you the hidden lessons of Bible prophecy. We’re still committed to preparing you for the coming crisis and for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ.


The Hidden Chalkboard (The HC) arose out of both a desire and a conviction. Approximately four years after my return to the faith (I rejoined the church in 2008, thanks to studying Bible prophecy), I started perusing websites containing Bible prophecy. Each of them presented their messages in their unique way and as I continued to read (and somewhat critique) these sites, I found myself wanting to run a website on Bible prophecy myself. My desire to do this continued to grow and I even (inadvertently) said what I would call it. I believe I actually referred to it as The Hidden Chalkboard (or something incredibly close to it). Little did I know that the Lord was already laying the ground work for me to start this website, even back then.

However, I still made no move towards starting my website, even as I watched the prophecies of the Bible being fulfilled around me. But the message struck my heart in June 2015: “Why haven’t you told anyone?” I knew that the Lord was coming soon, thanks to studying the prophecies of the Bible, but I was doing nothing to warn people about it.

When the Lord grants you understanding in the prophetic scriptures, He is waking you up so you can wake others up. If you choose to keep His prophetic warnings to yourself, you are knowingly rejecting the charge to warn those the Lord desires to save. Those who commit this sin are as guilty of murder as those who have actually committed the crime (Ezek. 33:7, 8).

But the ultimate question for anyone who takes on the responsibility of teaching Bible prophecy is “Why?” Why do I do it? What stake do I have in this work? Prophets and their prophetic messages were never popular in the world or among God’s people. There is no exception to this, even among Christians today. So why am I doing this? Am I simply doing it because I was told to do so?

No! I do this work because there are people in this world that I love, people I don’t want to lose. They, like all of us, are in danger of being lost to Satan’s final deception. While I cannot speak for every witness of Jesus, this mission is personal for me. Regardless of how the prophetic messages I publish are received (positively or negatively), I will labor to warn the world for them and for all who love the truth.


We published our first message on December 24, 2015 (it says December 25th now. We had some problems when we first got the site online.) Initially, we published content for adults. But unfortunately, many parents/guardians/etc. do not teach their kids about Bible prophecy. They don’t see the need the need to prepare for Jesus’ Second Coming. Some just don’t know where to begin. Even in Christian homes, this is a problem. Families will either rise together or fall together, depending on how they prepare their children for the crisis to come. So I published content for kids and teens, as well.

While the work was rewarding, it was very strenuous producing content for three different audiences while working full-time. So the decision was made to focus specifically on reaching out to the older generation only (Side note: if there are any parents, teens, or kids who want to read these earlier postings, check out our Archives between December 2015-June 2016).

In shifting our website back to our familiar audience, we took ten of our initial posts and set them up as our introductory lessons. They form the foundation for understanding all the content we will ever post on The HC. If you have not read them, please do so.  We also created our Messages page to provide you in-depth prophetic research on the stories of the Bible. Through mining these stories, we gleaned much counsel for preparing for the coming of the Lord. This is exactly what Jesus did when He compared the time before His return to the days of Noah and Lot (Lk. 17:26-30). Our messages even include analysis of the text in their in their Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek forms, thanks to our Strong’s Concordance (So you can see why it takes time to post our Messages!)

Have you noticed the one common thread in the Scriptures that we bring out on The HC? Have you noticed how each of them provide us with counsel on the end times? This should be no surprise to us, but it’s amazing to me how each story of the Bible teaches us about the past to change our present and prepare us for the future.

But our greatest strength was also our greatest drawback. All the research that goes into our Messages takes time and you had to wait for long periods of time for additional content. So we took on the task of posting brief articles for WordPress’ Daily Prompt and posting our Photo Lessons on our Facebook page (Even though we post our articles on Twitter, we’re still brainstorming on creating Twitter-specific content). For quite some time, this worked out for us.


But whenever you do something for God, especially teach people about Bible prophecy, Satan will double his efforts to stop you and your work. Bible prophecy, by its nature, is designed to warn God’s people (inside and outside the church) about the events that will take place before Jesus’ return. If you’ve ever read the books of Daniel and Revelation, you can tell (even by a surface reading) that Satan is planning something big. Something that will take the entire world by complete surprise. As such, he can’t have “spiritual whistleblowers” like us spoiling that surprise with Bible prophecy. So he got to work on me.

I can honestly say that I’ve never had as much hostile contact with people who hated the Lord than before I started this work. Perhaps I was just never aware of it until I started it. Even worse, Satan himself attacked me and The HC. It got so vivid, I had to delete a fair portion of content and comments on my Facebook page and personally apologize to those affected (If you were affected by the events of last year, please accept my sincerest apologies.). But the Lord brought me through every trial in the first year of His service and now, we are forming plans for the work in 2017.


So what are our plans for this year going forward? Honestly, there is nothing written in stone except for one thing: provide you with content on a regular basis. Getting you ready (wherever you are in the world) for Jesus’ Second Coming is our priority. It will always be our priority. So we’re working on devising a plan that will do just that. But until then, stay tuned and be sure to share The HC whenever you can. Our time is short and we’re going to do everything we can to cooperate with Jesus in getting you ready for the coming crisis and our coming salvation.

With regards,

Earl (Ben)

P.S.  You may wonder why we often you use the pronouns “we” and “us”, given that I am the only publisher for this site. When I study the prophecies of the Bible, I pray for the Holy Spirit and the wisdom to grant me understanding. It was the Holy Spirit who moved upon men to write the Scriptures (2 Pet. 1:21) and man cannot understand them on his own (1 Cor. 2:14).  As such, I pray for His aid. The Lord and I are a team and we, like He and Daniel (Dan. 2:36), provide you the prophetic messages of the Scriptures.

One thought on “The HC in 2016

  1. I’m right there battling with you along with the Holy Spirit, Ben. Keep fighting the good fight! We have assured Victory in and through Christ Jesus; our Holy Redeemer and Saviour: God. God Bless!😀


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