To the Young and Old


When you read the articles and posts (on Facebook) we’ve provided you in the past year (about a year and a half ago, to be exact), do you believe that they talk about things that only adults can understand? Do you think our work should only be geared towards people old enough to vote or get a college degree?

We don’t think so. Our work, even the Great Commission itself, wasn’t given to persons in a specific age group. It was given to the younger generation as well as the old. If this weren’t the case, the Bible wouldn’t tell us about young champions in the faith like David and Jonathan (1 Sam. 14, 17), the young maid of Naaman the Syrian (2 Ki. 5:1-3, see photo above), the prophets Jeremiah and Daniel, and even Jesus. They were all teenagers when they turned cities and nations upside down by their faith, and those are just the ones we know about!

This is the kind of faith we’re going to see in teens before Jesus comes back. The Bible tells us that the Lord is going to pour out His Spirit on all flesh, young and old alike (Joel 2:28). In the power of the Holy Spirit, they are going to triumph in the things that God sends them to do. Whether they will evangelize, teach, prophesy, or pastor (Eph. 4:11-13), these young men and women will labor with as much (if not, even greater) zeal as those who have been in the faith for decades.

Even Satan doesn’t underestimate what teens can do when they love God. Why else would he surround them with so many things and people to keep them away from Him? The struggle to serve is real, and if we don’t do something to help them, we’re going to be surrounded by an entire generation of teens who will be lost when Jesus returns. Among them will be your teenage friends, your children and grandchildren, your nieces and nephews if you say or do nothing.

With this threat to the teen community in mind, we believe the time is right to take up this work again. The time is short and millions of teens need to know that things are about to get serious. So we’re bringing back Teen HC to a) teach teens from the Bible what they need to know before Jesus comes back and b) talk to them about the things they’re dealing with in light of the last days.

We can’t promise you that we’re going to be PC. We can’t promise you that our content will be popular (the truth never is). All we can promise you is that we’re determined to get teens ready for the coming crisis and the coming of Jesus, our greatest hope. If you’re a teen or you know some teems who need help doing this, tell them about us. Tell them to add us on Facebook or Twitter (you can do this, too!). Pray with them about this. Have a Bible study with them on Jesus’ Second Coming. Do something. Just don’t leave them hanging, especially not now.


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