The HC’s prophetic Bible studies are divided into classes. Each class contains one or more lessons that will give you prophetic insight into well-known Bible stories and concepts.  Reach out to us at any time if you have any questions!


HC 101 – Introduction to The HC, the Epic Star Wars, and the Prophets – This prerequisite course is designed to give you a general outline of why I started this website, the overview of conflict between good and evil, and our past, present, and end-time relationship to God’s prophets.

HC 101 Youth Edition – This course covers the content as HC 101 in a more youth-oriented format for kids under 13.

Bible Stories and the End Times –  Jesus often taught the Jewish people about Himself and the end times by using the stories of such figures as Noah, Lot, Moses, and Elijah (Matt. 17:1-13; Lk. 17:25-30; Jn. 3:14-17). In this course, we do likewise by analyzing these Bible stories, highlighting major characters, and gleaning the counsel that will help prepare you for the last days.

End-Time Photo Lessons – These supplementary lessons and the accompanying photos will provide you with a brief summary of a Bible story and its relevance to the end times. These lessons are posted regularly on our Facebook page.

Knowing Noah I – Jesus taught that at the time of His coming, the world would be like the days of Noah (Matt.24:37). This verse makes it plain that we should strive to understand the life and times of Noah in the last days. How was he an heir of righteousness by faith? Did he warn the world? What can the Flood teach us about the final judgment? We’ll learn about these things and more in this class!