A God of Good…and Evil?


Before His Second Coming, the Lord will send His prophets to get the world ready. Since the day of man’s fall, he has heard the promise that God will restore all things and right all wrongs (Gen. 3:15). But many people are rejecting it because they have been deceived into believing that God is the Author of the good news…and the bad news.

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Last-Day Lessons from MARTA


I’ve ridden public transportation for almost fifteen years, in several states. In doing so, you learn valuable lessons about yourself and life in general. But as I continue to ride on MARTA today and write about Jesus’ Second Coming, there are several lessons that stick out.

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To the Young and Old


When you read the articles and posts (on Facebook) we’ve provided you in the past year (about a year and a half ago, to be exact), do you believe that they talk about things that only adults can understand? Do you think our work should only be geared towards people old enough to vote or get a college degree?

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The Third Elijah and the Second Judas

Elijah and Judas

“How long will you waver between two opinions? If Jesus is coming, then prepare the way for Him. If He isn’t, then stop being a Christian and sin. And the church answered him not a word.”

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Persecuted or Persecutor?


Are Christians justified in persecuting the followers of other faiths? Why is this spirit of persecution dangerous in light of the end times?

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Start Small


How can we make a lasting change in our lives? Why is this important for us to do this in the last days?

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Appetite for Destruction


Should we be concerned with our appetite in the last days? If so, why? To answer this question, looking at the following two Bible verses. What do they have in common?

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What Actually Happens When…


In our last article, we sounded the warning not to grieve away the Spirit of God. But do you know what actually happens to people who do this?

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Grieving Away the Spirit of God

King Saul received every opportunity to become a godly king. The Lord Himself chose Him, the Spirit of God gave him a new heart, and he did mighty deeds in His power (1 Sam 9:16, 17, 10:6,9, 11:1-11). But in the end, the Spirit of God left Saul and he died a humiliating death (1 Sam. 31:31:4, 8, 9). Why did the Holy Spirit do this and how can we keep Him from leaving us in the last days?

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Life Lesson from a Shopping Cart


I walk down a very steep hill on the way home. At the bottom of it laid a shopping cart from Target, stuck in the mud. For years, it laid there and endured the rain, ice, and heat of the seasons. I said to myself before Passover that I was going to get that cart out of there. But Passover came and went and the cart was still in its unenviable position.

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