HC 101 – Introduction to The HC, the Epic Star Wars, and the Prophets


HC 101 is the prerequisite course for The Hidden Chalkboard. Prayerfully studying each lesson will enable you to understand everything else you study on our site. The lessons in this course are also available in audio via SoundCloud.

Introduction – In this course, we will discuss several topics: why I started this website, why the pattern of rebellion and reformation among God’s people matters today, the importance of and objections to studying Bible prophecy, and the reasons why we can trust the Scriptures of God.

Epic Star Wars – In this seven-part lesson, we will briefly summarize the history of the war between good and evil, from start to finish. Through the lens of Bible prophecy, we can understand how it began and how it will end.

Prophets – In this two-part lesson, we will learn about prophets, their relationship with the world today, and the role they will play in the days before the coming of Jesus.