Remember the Heart of the Matter

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As current events worsen, many people are struggling to understand what is happening around them. Fear and anger resonate with frustration and people are desperate for solutions. Some strive to promote awareness while others call for legislative action, donations, protests, and the like. While action is needed, these solutions cannot effectively address what lies at the heart of the matter: the heart.

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What’s Taking So Long?


Many Christians and persons outside the faith often ask why the Lord has not come back yet. “Why’s it taking so long? Can’t He see what we’re going through down here?” In the days of Samuel, all Israel wanted the Lord to come back, too.

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Food for Thought…and Bible Prophecy


We take it for granted today, but the food we eat does more for us than we think. But don’t take our word for it. Take His.

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Apologize? Apologize for What?


Why should a Christian ever have to apologize for living out their faith?

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Remembering the Great Disappointment


173 years ago today, the Millerite Adventists and Christians around the world, from every denomination, were disappointed.

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Telling Jesus to “Get a Job!”


The very idea of addressing our Lord like this would repulse anyone who truly believes in Him. But how many of us are doing this very thing by berating the poor and the needy with this cruel phrase!

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America’s Intervention



Come in, America. Please, have a seat…We need to talk.

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Q & A: The Rise of the “Daughters of Men”


We received this question shortly after we published our first Q & A and in our research, it has provided valuable insight into the end times and has undoubtedly been the subject of much discussion among skeptics of the Bible. Continue reading

Q & A: Sons of God, Daughters of Men, and Giants


If you’ve been checking out our Knowing Noah I lessons on our Facebook page (you can see them here, too), you can see a lot of people have questions and comments about the story of Noah. So, we’ve set out to answer these questions for you. We pray that in doing so, you’ll be encouraged to study this Bible story for yourselves. But in doing so, we strongly recommend you ask the Holy Spirit to give you guidance and wisdom. Jesus sent Him to us for this reason. He moved men to write the Bible in the first place and we seek His help with every one of our studies (Jn. 16:13-15; 2 Pet. 1:20, 21).

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Job’s Three Enemies?


As our country, even the world, is being afflicted by these hurricanes, some Christians are advocating that they are God’s punishments upon our nation for our sins. This dangerous error has plagued God’s people before and it is doing so again through these misguided believers. No greater example of this erroneous belief is plainer seen than in the case of Job and the actions of his three friends.

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